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  • Identifying you when you sign-in to any secured part of our site. This allows us to store your login credentials, and to remember any application settings you may define.
  • Tracking the use of our web sites, for the purpose of improving our service offering to you.
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Using this page, you can choose to enable or disable certain categories of cookie from being stored on your computer. Doing so may stop parts of this website from working, and we recommend that in order to receive the best browsing experience, you should leave all categories enabled.

Please note that using this facility will require setting one cookie on your computer in order to remember your settings. This will be as small as possible and will contain no personally identifiable information.

Strictly Necessary Cookies Enabled Disabled
These cookies store your username or authentication information in secure areas, and control your access to the site. This is essential to the operation of the site, and therefore cannot be disabled.  
Performance Cookies    
These cookies collect information about how you use the website, including which pages you visit. They cannot identify you individually, and the information is used solely to improve our service to you.
Functionality Cookies    
These cookies allow us to remember choices that you make on the website, such as your email address, and to personalise the display of the site to your preferences.
Targeting Cookies    
These cookies are used to provide advertising specifically based on your interests and habits. They are also used to help us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

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Additional Information

The settings saved by this page are saved onto this web browser only. Therefore if you visit the site on another browser or another computer, you may be asked to make the choices again. In addition, if you clear all of the cookies from your web browser, the settings that you saved using this page will also be cleared.