Equivalence Explained

17 June 2016

Clearing across national boundaries can be confusing. But with the implementation of mandatory European clearing, US and European regulators are now providing greater clarity on the roles and safeguards for CCPs. Watch to find out more.

LCH Spider

20 May 2016

The next step in margin efficiencies for OTC and Listed Rates Derivatives.
LCH Spider delivers risk reduction and savings that count. Watch to find out how.

Compression Explained

14 September 2015

Compression's far-reaching adoption has resulted in the first annual reduction in cleared IRD notional. Find out how and learn more about SwapClear's compression offerings.

The Clear Leader Series

Jane Gladstone and Michael Davie

31 March 2015

Watch Jane Gladstone, Senior Managing Director at Evercore, as she discusses 'skin-in-the-game', the unintended consequences of shrinking bank balance sheets, and the future role of the block chain in global finance, with Michael Davie, COO of the LCH Group.

SwapClear's Customer Protection Offering under EMIR

30 April 2014

Uncertain how best to safeguard your assets and positions? Let Kim Short, one of our sales directors, briefly walk you through the range of EMIR compliant choices available at SwapClear.

SwapClear's Customer Protection Offering under EMIR (German language version/deutsche Version)

21 November 2014

FT Trading Room Live at Boca

Transforming European bond trading

30 September 2014

Featuring Rick McVey MarketAxess

Competition critical for the 'London of Asia'

30 September 2014

Featuring Magnus Bocker CEO, Singapore Exchange.

The Clear Leader Series

FCM Perspectives

3 April 2014

Watch Daniel Maguire, Global Head of SwapClear, discuss topics such as resolution and recovery, capital requirements and cost pressures with our panel of leading FCMS; Ray Kahn from Barclays, Citi's Christopher Perkins, and David Olsen from J.P. Morgan.

Michael Davie, CEO of LCH Ltd., and Susan Milligan, Head of US Public Affairs, interview three of the industry's top SEFs.

George Harrington

26 March 2014

Global Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Trading at Bloomberg

Sunil Hirani

26 March 2014

CEO and Founder, trueEX

Douglas Friedman

26 March 2014

General Counsel, Tradeweb

Other Video Resources

Blended Rate Compression Just Got Even Easier

13 May 2015

Watch the demo video to find out more about our SMART tool.

Basel III

14 August 2013

Rory Cunningham, Director, Asia Pacific Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, provides a brief synopsis on Basel III, its implications and its importance to you.

CPSS-IOSCO Explained

14 August 2013

Unclear on this committee's role and responsibilities? Learn about who they are and what they do.

EMIR Reauthorisation Overview

14 August 2013

Learn about the path to CCP reauthorisation

Stepping into a new era

24 May 2013

By mid-June many institutional investors in the US will be required to clear their derivatives trades for the first time. FT Trading Room editor Philip Stafford talks to Michael Davie, chief executive of SwapClear, about clearing-house challenges and the market's preparations for the new regime.

The Definition of a Swap Dealer

22 May 2013

LCH's Head of US Public Affairs, Susan Milligan explains exactly what constitutes Swap Dealer status.

Mandatory Clearing: An Overview

22 April 2013

Learn more about the various products mandated for clearing and key dates in the year ahead.

Mandatory Clearing Categories

01 March 2013

Watch for a summary of the various mandatory clearing categories and find out which one you fit into.