As demand for clearing services grows and regional regulations continue to evolve, SwapClear remains focused on delivering a service based on the needs of market participants.

While we strive to keep these services as similar as possible, there are some regional differences highlighted in the table below. But no matter when, what or where you clear, SwapClear is committed to providing best-in-class clearing services.

SwapClear Global Service
Clearing HouseLCH Ltd.
Incorporated inUK
RegulationRecognised Clearing House regulated by the Bank of England and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO) regulated by the CFTC
Subject to U.K. Bankruptcy Law
Available Member Clearing ModelsSCM ModelFCM Model
Available Client Clearing Model
Acceptable CollateralDownload the acceptable collateral table here
Service HoursMonday - Friday
Open: 6:00 GMT / 1:00 am EST
Close: 7:00 pm EST
Service closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day
Clearable ProductsInterest Rate Swaps, Zero Coupon, Forward Rate Agreements, Overnight Index Swaps, Variable Notional Swaps (including Amortizing Swaps). Please note that these products are clearable to various tenors and in multiple currencies. Click here to learn more.
Directly Connected Platforms
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Trade Workflow Learn more about our trade workflow.
Risk Free Compression Learn more about our trade compression
Risk and Default Management Learn more about our risk management and default management.